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A fun filled dance workout, which takes clients on a musical journey through the decades, teaching moves from the lindy hop to the running man. Carefully designed to focus on all areas of body, cardio, toning and strengthening without even realising that you’re exercising!


A fusion of all 3 areas; Yoga, Pilates and Ballet/Barre based exercises, all proved to improve specific components of fitness. This class takes the best exercises from each area and combines them to deliver a workout that literally transforms the body. Allowing a crossover of the benefits of the individual disciplines for bigger results.

World’s fastest growing yoga trend; hot yoga provides a full body workout that engages your body and mind. Performed in temperatures that range up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, hot yoga improves flexibility, reduces risk of injury and removes toxins from your body by delivering an intense low impact workout, which can burn over 600 calories in just one class.
Developed a Pilates class structured to be taught in the Hot studio, the first to teach such a class in the North West.

pilates mat classes

STOTT PILATES mat class is designed to rebalance the body, bringing it into correct alignment, improving posture and body function. Use a variety of props and small equipment to target different muscle fibres, and add an element of fun as well as challenge to this classical pilates mat workout.

One to One Pilates sessions are available by appointment. Private Pilates lessons are tailor made workouts based on the individual goals, needs and abilities. The modifications and variations for each exercise make STOTT PILATES a safe and effective workout for everyone - from elite athletes to sedentary clients to post rehabilitation clients from injuries.